Potable Water Flexible Pillow Tank 500 Gallon

by MBZ Industrial Inc
$ 919.54
ThorPotable Flexible Water Flex Tanks are Manufactured to the highest of standards so our clients know they are getting only the best when storing their potable waters. These potable Flex Tanks are perfect for storing such liquids as gray water, black water, juices, syrups, wine and more. Our flexible pillow tanks have been used in such situations as farming, emergency response units, disaster relief organizations, hazmat clean up enterprises, wild land firefighter support, rain water collection systems, oil and mining industries, and defense industries. Our Flexible Water Flex Tanks can be customized to meet any of your needs whether that be bigger or smaller, extra or customs fitting we build each of our water Flex Tanks with the customer in mind. Thor Containment Potable Water Flex Tanks are manufactured from Grade A fabric under our strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to insure leak free containment. Our quality control team personally double checks every inch of each Flex Tank using test procedures in accordance with ASTM 751 and current U.S. Mil Specs before shipment making sure it is 100% up to the quality our customers expect and deserve. ThorPotable Flexible Water Flex Tanks Include:
  • *5 Years warranty on Flex Tanks cover all seams, fabric surface and workmanship.
  • Constructed of 30 mil. Grade AA" Fabric
  • 3 overlaps weld
  • 2 each 2" capped off cam locks
  • 1 each 2" Stainless Steel Screened vent
  • 1 each Garden Hose Bib
  • 1 each Ground mat
All fittings are placed through 60 Mil reinforcement patches. Opposite all fittings are 90 mil abrasion patches to protect tank inside and out of tank 180 Mil reinforced corner Reusable protective covers for all fittings are attached to tank to prevent any abrasion damage during storage and transport. Flex Tanks are packaged in Mil Spec Foil-O-Wrap to extend shelf life for up to 12 years. Each tank will be serial numbered for inventory and warranty purpose. Tanks will include military style emergency repair kit with clamps Operation manual