270000 Grab & Go Specialty Spill Control Acid/Base Neutralizer Bucket Spill Kit

by NPS Inc
$ 85.08
  • Grab and Go Neutralizer Spill Kits are packed in a 5 gallon plastic bucket for easy portability disposal of spill clean-up materials.
  • Contains a quart bottle of both acid base neutralizers.
  • Bucket is rigid and keeps contents protected.
  • Chemical Classifiers can detect other chemicals if they happen to be present.

Acid/ Base Neutralizer Spill Kit Includes:

  • (3) 3?x4 (7.6cm x 1m) Hazmat Socks (S2-30)
  • (15) 12?x12? (30cm x 30cm) Hazmat Pads (S2-71)
  • (1 Qrt/0.94L) KOLOR-SAFEå¨ Liquid Acid Neutralizer (410001)
  • (1 Qrt/0.94L) KOLOR-SAFEå¨ Liquid Base/Alkaline Neutralizer (430001)
  • (1) Chemical Classifier Kit