481001 Formaldehyde Solidifier Spill Kit Small, 1/Box

by NPS Inc
$ 85.00

Product Description

Formaldehyde solidifier is for quick response in spill prone areas. Solidifier suppresses formaldehyde vapor as well as solidifying the material for disposal. Formaldehyde Spill Kits are designed to provide and safe and effective method of clean up and vapor reduction in small or large formaldehyde leaks and spills. Kits are recommended for use only by trained personnel. Small kit contains Formaldehyde Solidifier (2 lbs Shaker Bottle), 1 Aqualockitå¨ Solidifier (2 lbs Shaker Bottle), 2 Hazmat pads (12? x 12?), 1 pair of Nitrile gloves, 1 pair of goggles, 1 scoop with detachable scraper, disposal label and a disposal bag with twist tie.