680041 Decon Solution 1 For Unknown Contaminants, 5 Gal.

by NPS Inc
$ 128.00

Product Description

Decon Solution 1 For Unknown Contaminants is used for unknown contaminants such as inorganic acids, metal processing wastes, solvents and organic materials, PBBs, (Polybrominated Biphenals), PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenals), and Etiological materials. 5 Gallon carboy. Features:
  • SPILFYTERå¨ Decontamination Solutions are designed for on-site decontamination of personal protective equipment, tools and surfaces at hazardous material incidences or waste sites.
  • Decon Solutions are"Ready-to-Use", requiring no dilution, and are phosphate-free.
  • Decon Solutions are available in five (5) formulas in five (5) gallon carboys.