DB-914 Universal Sorbent Spilhyder All-in-One Medium Weight Roll with Coverstock, 150' Length x 16" Width, Gray

by NPS Inc
$ 72.00

Product Description

Unique fine fiber sorbents absorb up to 16 times their own weight and can be used indoors or outdoors as a pad for small localized spills, a sock for wrapping around machinery and equipment, a wipe for cleaning tools or small spills, or a roll for large coverage areas. Sorbents are reinforced on the top layer for added durability, perforated horizontally every 30.5cm (12'), and vertically zipped for easy folding. Dimensions: 40.6Wcmx45.7Lm (16'x150').
Sorbent 15552-236 is for oil only and contains small micron diameter fibers which provide greater liquid retention and strength. The oil-only sorbent can float while absorbing oil and other hydrocarbons and repelling water.