HVU-700T Universal HiVis Hanging Convenience Pack

by NPS Inc
$ 39.99

SpilFyter Universal Hi Vis Hanging Convenience Pack - HVU-700T

Spill Response Pack, 18" x 16" Universal High-Visibility Spill Response Pack,25 pads per Dispenser Carton
  • A multi-use product offering that combines an absorbent with a caution/warning sign.
  • Pads are stored in a compact, convenient dispenser pack.
  • Dispenser pack can be mounted or hung almost anywhere using pre-cut mounting hole.
  • Pads stay protected when not in use.
  • High-Visibility print layer is strong and tear resistant.
  • Fluids Absorbed:water, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, etc.