Spill Containment Drive Thru Berm 12'x50'x18"

by MBZ Industrial Inc
$ 5,179.35
The Thor Rapid Entry Thor Spill Berm allows for quick drive thru entry and exit of vehicles without the need to manually lower the walls. Lightweight, portable and quick to deploy assembly with removable heavy duty aircraft aluminum bracket supports. The Thor Rapid Entry Berms is ideal when continuous exit and entry of the berm is desired. The Berms unique wedge shape exit and entry walls allow most vehicles to enter and exit quickly and easily. Only 5 of clearance required to allow trucks to drive over walls hassle free. Fabric rated for 2000 revolutions of truck tires without wear. The Thor Bracket spill berms collapsible wedged shaped exit and entry walls provide extra spill containment. The walls are manufactured to automatically rise as the fluid rises. The Rapid Entry Thor Berm is of highest quality. We use Grade A Factory Certified 30 mil. fuel and chemical resistant fabric specifically designed to meet your containment needs.Thor Containment, LLC has instituted a certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality in our products. As part of our QMS we employ the latest Auto CAD program and leave no detail to chance. This has been the key to our long term success.