Thor-Dri Oil & Chemical Absorbent - Bulk Buy (10,000lbs)

$ 7,000.00
Thor-Dri is a loose absorbent for oil and chemical spill cleanup. It is used to control and clean up accidental spills leaving floors clean and dry. It is also utilized to provide rapid deodorization and dehydration of oils, chemicals and waste liquids. Thor-Dri is a universal spill absorbent based on naturally occurring volcanic mineral. This mineral has been treated and heated to a suitable softening range, to expand up to twenty times its original volume, and then treated with proprietary non-hazardous additive. The resulting product is a lightweight white granular material that handles easily without creating environmental health or safety issues in the cleanup process. It provides a quick and low-cost method for efficiently acting as the first line of defense for any spill, including oils and hazardous or toxic waste.