Thor Drive-Thru L-Bracket Spill Berm

$ 1,768.93

Recommended for projects with continuous drive through traffic

Thor’s drive-thru L-bracket spill containment berms are lightweight and portable featuring removable heavy-duty aircraft aluminum “L” bracket supports. This drive-thru secondary containment berm allows vehicles and equipment to repeatedly drive over and through quickly and easily. Only 5″ of clearance required to allow trucks to drive over walls hassle free. The berms are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear while protecting the ground below. Our spill containment berms are manufactured under a certified ISO 2008:2015 quality management system, and use only grade “A” factory certified fabrics. 

  • Collapsible wedge-shaped exit and entry walls.
  • Exit and entry walls are designed to rise as the fluid level rises.
  • Vehicles can drive over walls with as little as 5 inches of clearance.