Thor Military Style Zipper Top Onion Tank 1500 gallons

by MBZ Industrial Inc
$ 2,437.66
Thor Containment is a premier supplier of Zipper Top Onion Tanks. We build these flexible tanks for military and civilian applications. These unique tanks are ideal for use with water purification systems like reverse osmosis. The zipper top allows for access inside the tank for cleaning and inspection. When closed the seal tank help keep debris like dirt, dust, leaves and other foreign object from entering the tank.

Thor Zipper Top Onion Tanks are built to meet the latest mil spec. Using only the best possible fabric and parts to bring the very best tank to market.

Tanks include: Two each 2 inch capped off cam-locks and attached ground mat/bed roll.

As part of our QMS we employ the latest Auto CAD program and leave no detail to chance. This has been the key to our long term success.