Thor Non-Potable Onion Bladder Tank

$ 1,676.11

Non-Potable Onion Tank

Water storage for emergency response, rainwater collection in remote areas and more

Thor’s Non-Potable Onion Tank water relay and dip tanks are available in sizes to hold from 600-gallons to 1,800-gallons of water for a variety of uses other than drinking. Non-potable bladders are used for reclaimed and recycled water, rainwater, and gray water. Onion Tanks come standard with a 2” input/outlet valve that facilitates the filling and removal of liquid. Our bladders are manufactured under a certified ISO 2008:2015 quality management system, and use only grade “A” factory certified fabrics. 

Practical uses for non-potable water bladders

  • Fire Department
  • Forestry Service
  • Military
  • Rainwater Collection

All non-potable bladders come with a free ground mat and emergency repair kit.