8850 Ultra Containment Berms Mini Foam Wall Model 2' x 2' x 6"

$ 167.20

Mini Foam Wall Model (Duck Ponds)

Quick and convenient spill containment for vehicles, equipment and containers
  • Foldable mini berms (duck ponds) are compact and easy tostore but deploy in a moments notice to respond to a spill.
  • Berms fold down and can be secured using attached strap provides simple and convenient transport and storage.
  • Foam sidewalls (6?H) provide support but can be drivenover / stepped on for easier equipment / vehicle placement.
  • Heavy-duty 18 oz. PVC construction provides excellentchemical compatibility.

Applications include:
  • Capturing leaks under trucks and other vehicles on site.
  • Storage pad for equipment or liquid containers, cansor drums.
  • Containment for fuel transfers from tank to truck.
  • Maintenance or repairs done on equipment in the field.
  • Spill containment for batteries, compressors andsmall drums.

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