UltraTech 9130 Polypropylene Ultra-Grate Guard Plus, For 59" Length x 48" Width Drains


2.0 lb

$ 57.00

60" x 10.2" x 10.2"

Polypropylene Ultra-Grate Guard Plus

$ 57.00
Polypropylene Ultra-Grate Guard Plus

Plus Models

Keep dirt and sediment out of storm drains with the easy-to-install Ultra-Guard Plus

This one size fits all Grate Guard is constructed with rugged, polymer components that won’t rust or corrode, and is designed with woven polypropylene to provide superior strength and durability to withstand outdoor elements. Its built-in overflow port helps eliminate ponding and flooding during major rainfall events.

Product Details:

  • One size fits all
  • Installs quickly and easily with included hardware — grate does not need to be moved or lifted.
  • Polymer components will not rust or corrode.

Excellent for covering:

  • Outdoor drains
  • Industrial drains
  • Storm water drains
$ 57.00
Polypropylene Ultra-Grate Guard Plus