1175 Polyethylene P6 Ultra-Spill Deck with 6-Drum, 9000 lbs Capacity, 5 Year Warranty, Yellow

$ 412.30

P6 and P8 Models

One piece spill containment decks for 8 drums

  • Available in 6-drum and 8-drum models, Ultra-Spill Decks are perfect for satellite collection of hazardous wastes or storage of virgin chemicals.
  • One-piece, molded sump with elevated 2 x 4 black grates.
  • Polyethylene grates feature slip resistant, ?diamond plate? surface design.
  • Deck holds up to 1,500 lbs. per drum UDL (uniformly distributed load).
  • Designed for use with Ultra-Spill Deck Loading Ramp (p/n 1089)
  • Meets SPCC and EPA and Spill Containment Regulations.