2010 Magnetic Model Ultra-Drum Tourniquet, 22-1/2" Length x 6-1/2" Width x 2-7/8" Height, For Steel Drums

$ 258.40

Stop drum leaks on the spot

  • Powerful magnets latch onto steel drums to seal off puncture and corrosion leaks. A chemical-resistant sealing pad is compressed against the damaged area to stop leaks on contact.
  • Universal Model features a ratchet strap system. Works on all surfaces including polyethylene, steel and stainless steel
  • Mount a Drum Tourniquet on a forklift, near fire extinguishers or carry it as part of a spill kit.
  • A Drum Tourniquet should be part of any spill response plan.
  • When a leak occurs, the device is centered over the rupture and pressure is applied to the device onto the drum surface.
  • EPDM sealing pad. Stainless steel backing plate.

A Drum Tourniquet will:

  • Seal splits
  • Plug forklift punctures
  • Stop spillage
  • Protect the environment
  • Protect lives
  • Prevent total loss of contents
  • Reduce clean-up costs