2163 Square Urethane Bottom/Polyethylene Top Ultra-Drain Seal Plus, 54" Length x 54" Width, Yellow

$ 1,002.60

Plus Models

Ultra-Drain Seal Plus protects drains and can be left outside long-term

  • Urethane bottom layer (same as Ultra-Ultra Drain Sealkeeps spills from entering drains. Flexible, non-absorbing bottom layer material is reinforced with tear resistant mesh.
  • Rugged, reinforced polyethylene top layer (yellow) provides protection from extended UV exposure and vehicular traffic.*
  • Excellent for use in parking areas, loading docks and other areas where drains may be driven over.
  • Helps comply with SPCC and NPDES.
*NOTE: Protection from Òlong-term exposure? is limited to the damaging e ects of UV radiation. The Ultra-Drain Seal Plus is not designed for repeated, long-term exposure to vehicular traffic. The reinforced PVC top layer allows the product to be driven over on occasion, but because of the softer nature of the bottom sealing layer, it is not recommended that the product be driven over repeatedly.