4609 Aveho Odor Removal Technology, 250 gal. Refill

by Aveho
$ 4,493.33

UltraTech 4609 Aveho Odor Removal Technology, 250 Gallon Refill

Stinkiness is a part of everyday life and can cause embarrassment and unwanted attention. Traditional odor control solutions such as air fresheners, activated carbon, baking soda, antimicrobials or other complex chemical systems all have a number of limitations.

UltraTechs new product,is an odor removal solution that meets our customers needs while overcoming these challenges. Years of research and product development resulted in an innovation we call AvehoOdor Removal Technology, based on the Latin èÏaveho which means Òto remove or carry away.?
Whether at home, on the go, at work or any place where odors are found, Avehocan be used to eliminate them. Please contact us for more information or to learn more about how you can use this patented technology to help solve your odor removal problems.