8012 Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus, 66 Gallon Capacity, 60" Length x 58" Width x 5" Height

$ 118.00
$ 75.00

Ultra-Pop Up Pools

Plus Models

Spill response pool folds into compact package until needed- quickly opens and bladder unfurls to capture large spills
  • Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus is available in 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Simply unfold the Pool and open the Bladder Compartment the Bladder will
    automatically expand/unfurl as the liquid level in the pool rises.
  • Compact folded size stores efficiently inside spillkits, under/behind seats or in tool boxes.
  • Opens and is ready to respond in seconds - minimizesspillage and exposure of hazardous materialto the environment.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel,antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives.
  • Helps minimize environmental damage and relatedclean-up costs.
  • Excellent for response to damaged saddle tanks andcross-over lines, hazmat spills, leaking containers,machinery and piping.