8332 XR5/Ethylene Copolymer Stake Wall Ultra-Containment Berm, 7,405 Gallon Capacity

$ 9,939.60

Stake Wall Model

UltraTech stake wall copolymer ultra-containment berm. Portable spill containment for drums, frac tanks, equipment and vehicles. Stake wall model containment berms feature a unique design that allows the sidewalls to collapse in either direction and spring back automatically to their upright position! Roll drums over the sidewalls, drive trucks through them, and the sidewalls always return to vertical without assistance. Does not rely on inflation, hinged straps, or cumbersom frames to keep sidewalls up. No set-up required unfold and the sidewalls automatically spring into their vertical position. Helps comply with federal and local storm water regulations. Meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulation 40 CFR 264.175. Perfect for containment of drums in remote areas.