8338 Ground Tarp, 19' Length x 54' Width, For Foam Wall Ultra-Containment Berm

$ 1,066.50

Protect Your Containment Berm Investment

Ground Tarps / Track Belts / All-In-One Option

Depending on the size of the Ultra-Containment Berm, you can potentially spend thousands of dollars. All of UltraTech products,including the Berms are the highest quality available and we stand behind them. But when youre driving a truck that weighs tensof thousands of pounds in and out on a daily basis, even the toughest material can be put to the test.
Thats where ground tarps and track belts come in. These relatively inexpensive options can be purchased for any size Berm andwill help to insure that your Ultra-Containment Berm is protected and lasts a long time.
Ground Tarpsgo underneath the Berm and are typically 1 to 4feet larger than the Berm itself. It is made from a 18.5 oz/sq. yd.polyester blended PVC. By placing the Ground Tarpdown before you deploy your Ultra-Containment Berm, you canprevent punctures, tears and rips from occurring from rocks ordebris that might be underneath the Berms floor.
Track Beltsare 30? wide sections of material that lie inside ofthe Containment Berm and act as a Òbuffer? between a vehiclestires and the Berm. Track Belts come in pairs and will typicallyrun the length of the Berms usable space. Some customersprefer to get a few extra feet on each end so they can also coverthe endwalls. The polyester blended PVC layerprovides low stretch and good tear resistance. The heavy-duty PVC compound offers excellent oil/hydrocarbonresistance as well as good wear characteristics.
Get it All-In-One and eliminate missing parts
The new ÒAll-In-One? option for the Ultra-Containment Berms means youwill get all the extra protection you need built right in. Both the GroundTarp and Track Belts are pre-attached (welded or heat-sealed) dependingon materials used to make your berm. Once you unpackage the berm and set itup, it will be ready to use with the additional protection already in place. Justorder part number 8670with any berm to get this great feature. (NOTE: This option is not available on the Economy Model Containment Berms)
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