8401 Collapsible Wall Copolymer Ultra-Containment Berm, 5610 Gallon Capacity, 50' Length x 15' Width x 1' Height

$ 4,074.30

Collapsible Wall Model

Economical design sets up quickly - Provides secure containment

The Collapsible Wall Ultra-Containment Berm features an economical design that sets up quickly and provides secure containment. PVC Sidewall Assemblies provide sturdy support for the containment area but are quickly lowered easy access. Great for spill containment of large quantities of drums, vehicles, frac tanks or other larger containers.

  • The Collapsible Wall Model Spill Containment Berm features rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support. Simply swivel the"feet" of the PVC supports to lower or raise the sidewalls in just seconds!
  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175.
  • Rugged materials provide years of service and excellent chemical compatibility.
  • Add theUltra Self Bailerto keep rain water out of the Spill Containment Berm. Rainwater drains from the Berm passively but will automatically shutoff if there is a spill.
  • Custom sizes available.