8702 Site Entrance Kit, 12.5' x 100'

$ 171.00
Stabilize soil at construction site entrances and driveways Ultra-Site Entrance Kits provide all the benefits of a 200 lb. woven geotextile without having to buy the whole roll. These kits are offered either 12.5 x 50 or 12.5 x 100 and include 12? pins to keep the fabric secure and in place. The fabric is a slit film, woven geotextile for use in soil stabilization and separation applications. So whether you are a homeowner replacing a driveway or a contractor starting a construction entrance, the driveway kit is the perfect product to help you get it done. Fabric is a heavy-duty, 200 lb. woven geotextile excellent for soil stabilization and separation applications on construction sites. Woven polypropylene geotextile has been stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure and is resistant to commonly encountered mildew, insects and soil chemicals and is non-biodegradable.