9368 Polyethylene Ultra-Filter Deck Plus, 74-1/4" Length x 50" Width x 5-1/4" Height

$ 711.00

Filter grease and oil from stormwater runoff

  • Heavy-duty polyethylene units use Ultra-X-Texå¨ material, a high performance oil absorbent, below removable grating to remove oil, grease and other hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff.
  • Ports are located in base of units to drain off clean stormwater.
  • Ultra-X-Texå¨ roll of absorbent is quickly and easily removed and replaced.
  • Excellent for use underneath dumpsters, grease collection tanks, outdoor machinery or equipment.
  • Use at restaurant, grills and other food preparation areas under waste oil and grease containers.
  • All-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.
  • Helps meet Stormwater Management Regulations NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999).