Smoke Stop, Classic, 41" H x 14" D, 10 Lbs. (Various Colors)

$ 56.19

Classic Model

Ultra-Smoke Stop receptacles keep areas clear of cigarettes

UltraTechs Ultra-Smoke Stop Receptacles are not your typical receptacle or commercial ashtray. Their attractive design helps them blend into their surroundings, while their slim-neck engineering helps them keep smoke in while keeping rain water out. The Ultra-Smoke Stop Classic Model is a perfect fit for all cigarette disposal needs and comes in a variety of colors to match any decor or need. Ideal use:
  • Office entrances
  • Restaurant patios
  • Break areas
  • Smoking zones
  • Outdoor smoking areas
Key Features:
  • Polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
  • Designed to minimize smoke exit or water entry
  • 4-gallon steel pail holds over 3,000 cigarettes and is easy to clean and replace
  • Made with up to 15% recycled polyethylene
  • Compact shipping size saves you up to 50% on freight expenses (parcel shipments and common carrier).

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