1460 Ultra-Spill Fence, 7.5 Gallons Capacity, 16' Length x 6' Width

$ 319.20

Filters Water and Pulls Off Oil - Patented X-Tex technology

Protect shorelines, riverbeds, and other environmentally sensitive areas from oil spills

  • Captures oil on the surface of the water, but unlike boom and other floating devices, the Ultra-X-Tex fence will also capture sub-surface oil.
  • Made with Ultra-X-Tex provides the unique benefit of allowing tidal water to flow through the fabric while absorbing oil as it passes through the fabric. Even hard-to-capture emulsified oil created by dispersants used in the open ocean is absorbed.
  • Wire backing provides additional support and strength to the tidal push back and forth through the Ultra-X-Tex fabric.
  • Also available using Ultra-X-Tex infused with Microbes

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