2000 Magnetic Model Ultra-Tanker Tourniquet, 32-1/4" Length x 15-3/4" Width x 3-1/4" Height

$ 692.55

Stop leaks from overturned tanker trucks, railcars and other large vessels

  • Simple, effective device compresses a chemical resistant, flexible pad against splits or punctures to stop leaks.
  • Accidents, punctures and corrosion are facts of life. With a Tanker Tourniquet, however, you can minimize environmental damage, protect lives and save the load.
  • When a spill occurs, the device is centered over the rupture and working from the top, pressure is applied to the device onto the tanker surface. This effectively forces the envelope of compression material into every crevice of the split.
Description :
  • 8 magnets, spark resistant assembly
  • For use with ferrous vessels
  • Pressure Pump included
  • Stainless steel backing plate
  • EPDM sealing bladder. Chemical compatibility guide available upon request
  • Maximum sealing area: 3" x 16"

A Tanker Tourniquet will:

  • Seal splits
  • Plug punctures
  • Stop spillage
  • Protect the environment
  • Protect lives
  • Prevent total loss of the load
  • Reduce clean-up costs